Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Somalia Punishment

So Somalia didn't show up for its final game against El Salvador and essentially gave the middle finger to the entire tournament. Rampant specualation about what would happen to the players and the team ensued. I've heard what the punishment was from a second-hand source, but I haven't been able to confirm if it's correct or not. And good on the Organizing Committee for not openly telling everyone - I actually respect their decision to not air the dirty laundry.

That said, in descending order of how certain I am:

1. ES got the win and they made it 7-0 by averaging out the other scores or something. Didn't end up mattering in the overall scheme of things.

2. Tore up the Somalia player sheet at the sign-in desk so that nobody on the roster can get in free any more.

3. Made the team and all the players on the roster ineligible for a year. Next time they can play is 2015.

4. Banned the players from watching the rest of the tournament. Not sure about this one because I don't know how they would enforce it.

5. Suspended all the players from participating in RSA for a year. Very unsure of the validity of this because I don't know why the RSA would give a shit.

If anyone has heard something different, let me know.


Anonymous said...

This tournament has nothing to do with the RSA so it's unlikely any punishment would carry over, unless the new board (comprised of mostly pro-WCP VIP's and ACFC folks) wants to go to play favourites for Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I agree there should be a punishment, that night though 3 of there players showed up, I dont think its fair those 3 should be punished, its like saying you showed up Braden and your team says "ya ill be there " and they dont show up, should you be banned from playing the following year??

Anonymous said...

Actually 4 of Somalia's players showed up. I am one of the 4. I hope we are not suspended as I love the tournament and I love soccer.

Anonymous said...

So what was the actual punishment for Somalia ... Playmaker? Any word yet?