Friday, April 5, 2013

Somalia Didn't Show Up - Literally

So Somalia didn't show up for its scheduled Thursday night Group A game against El Salvador. Didn't tell anyone before the game that they wouldn't be playing and essentially just left everyone sitting there wondering what the hell was going on. Not sure why they took this approach besides the fact they were getting crushed in every game they played in one of the toughest groups in the tournament. Regardless, they wanted to stick it to the man. So congratulations Somalia on being as mature as a 14-year-old teenager!

The Big Issues

1. This was El Salvador's second-last group stage game. It needed a win, plus a win against France on Friday night to have a chance at advancing. Probably even more important, it needed to rack up a ton of goals against Somalia so that it had a favourable +/- rating when compared to France and Sudan. So now what happens? There is nothing in the WCP rules about what to do when a team forfeits. No stipulation about what the score will be. And since +/- is one of the main tie-breaking rules (and Goals For a secondary rule), the WCP Organizing Committee (in its sole and absolute discretion) is essentially playing God and deciding the final score. I'm sure they're relishing this absolute power, but that's a side issue. I'll update when I know what they decide.

2. How much different is this from a team playing drunk in a bronze medal game? Before we all go passing judgement, lets think back to the not-so-distant past and remember a few choice teams making a mockery of their final games. Don't hate on Somalia and then give a pass to the teams that did arguably the same thing.

3. What to do with Somalia? Essentially nothing except maybe bar them from entering future tournaments. The WCP Organizing Committee (in its sole and absolute discretion) has it in the rules to sanction or suspend teams for failing to follow the rules. I'm guessing they choose to fine them, just a hunch. Somalia can't play another game until it pays the fine, but hey, that was their last game! So nothing the organizing committee can do unless it wants to take frivolous legal action - which it absolutely might.

4. Who exactly is deciding the final score? The rules say any discipline be handled by a committee that is free from bias. This decision will potentially effect:
   1. France
   2. Sudan
   3. El Salvador
   4. Canada (potential playoff crossover)
   5. Nigeria (potential playoff crossover)
   6. Poland (potential playoff crosover)
   7. Hungary (potential playoff crossover)
So good luck finding a committee with no people affiliated from those teams.

5. Should those teams be allowed to have input? I say yes. If they're not consulted then they all have the right to bitch. Remember, it's a $900 entry fee to play in this thing and you're required to pony up for all of your jerseys and such, plus they make you jump through a bunch of hoops for meetings and ceremonies and all that jazz. If someone gets screwed, they can complain.

6. El Salvador really gets boned. Let's say they don't make the playoffs. They only got to play 3 games because of the cancellation and being in the smallest group. That's $300 per game! In a cruel twist of fate, the rules say that teams are only guaranteed 3 games, so good luck getting any kind of refund.

7. What will the official Somalia excuse be? Who cares really. Ultimate puss move to not show up, just because you're getting your ass handed to you in every match. Don't enter the tournament if you're going to cry because your poorly put together team is getting killed every game.


Anonymous said...

These teams need an input. Even the Pool C teams. It could be a difference from playing Sudan/France or El Salvador.

Anonymous said...

lets be ES going to beat France?? probably not

if it does happend?? wow not sure what to say about the forfeit game

technically the tournament would have to go by either

FIFA laws
Sask soccer
RSA rules

I am sure by next yr WCP committe will have EVERY situation rule in place, I never thought a team would NEVER show up for a game, kinda whacked but hey at least a bad team did it and now we can get a ruling in place in the future.

Anonymous said...

When a rule gets in place, I hope though some teams WONT ABUSE IT

and play the honor system and SHOW UP

Playmaker said...

The thing about the tie-breaking rules is that WCP doesn't follow anything even close to FIFA, SSA or RSA. WCP is all about goals and its always been like that. The other organizations have mercy rules because they don't want teams running up the score. Its an SSA sanctioned tournament only because it legally has to be for insurance reasons.

And there needs to be a decision made before the France game because if El Salvador does win, there's no way a fair ruling can possibly be made afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution: remove Somalia's game stats from all the teams in that pool. If you already played them it doesn't count towards the tourney...just a free game. If you haven't played them you just don't get that game. Simple and fair to all the teams in the pool as it won't screw ES out of goals for as the goals for/against will be adjusted as if they didn't play them either.