Monday, April 1, 2013

Poland 2, Norway 1

What a tough result. A super even game that could have swung either way and ended up going to Poland in the final 30 seconds. Or the final 5 minutes of extra time that the referee somehow decided was necessary. Poland had many scoring chances, but Norway buzzed all game and especially at the end looked like it would put in a winner. Tons of missed chances off of Polish giveaways, Norway just can't seem to score with any regularity. Poland is going to have a rough time against Canada and Nigeria. This group is wide open still.


Anonymous said...

your team is so brutal, just quit entering, its really sad and embarrassing just play in the saskatoon one

Anonymous said...

Poland definitely deserved the win... They had way more chances and if it weren't for Mario it would have been a very different score. The extra time was due to the injury thanks to the forceful tackle for Alex (in my opinion, he was fortunate to come away with just a yellow).

It was an exciting game though, and despite the fact that I thought Poland outplayed Norway, I was still impressed with how well Norway held up against them. I had very low expectations for Norway this year.

Anonymous said...

Ha...anon 1:46, there's a few worse teams than Norway in this tournament. Yours for example, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

i doubt that, my team is so good

go Jamaica!