Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nigeria 3, Norway 0

Another slow, boring game for Norway in this tournament. A shortage of subs and a shortage of speed meant the team was constantly on the back foot and defended pretty much the entire game. Nigeria didn't play particularly well, but also didn't really need to, so no fault to them. Nigeria got two fairly soft goals in the first half but probably would have scored a bunch more if it wasn't for Norway's keeper who absolutely stood on his head for the entire game. In the second half Norway went into a defensive shell and grinded it out until the game was over. Pretty uninspiring stuff from both teams.


Anonymous said...

Duf-a-loof are the rumors true that you've gone on the other blog and posted anonymously?

Playmaker said...

Of course not. I told Mike last year I wouldn't be commenting on his blog because I knew people would try and imitate me. I have my own blog, I say whatever I want on here and I don't puss out letting people know its me.