Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Evraz Place Going on Strike

The 2013 WCP Cup just got more interesting. Evraz place employees could be going on strike as early as Thursday.

What does this mean for the tournament? It's not exactly clear. In response to the strike notice from the union, management issued a lockout notice, meaning that it could just run things in the meantime. At the very least, it likely means no alcohol being served for the remainder of the tournament and at the very worst it means scheduling changes and possible cancellation/postponement.

The union is asking for a 30% increase and they've been offered 6%. So they're a little ways apart in a 10 month long negotiation. The leverage right now is that the Juno's are scheduled in three weeks, so don't expect this to be resolved before the tournament final.


Anonymous said...

last time there was a lock out/strike the employees still worked the Cirque De Solei shows during the strike. They all just wore the same coloured union shirts with some saying "We're on strike, but we're here so the show goes on" or something like that.

I would guess if a strike happened it would be a revolving strike, and would just be bare bones for the tournament that would mean no beer sales and maybe the Timmies will be closed.

Anonymous said...

I think they resolved the issue.

Playmaker said...

Definintely not resolved. Got a provincial mediator involved, which means they're not supposed to be allowed to strike. Might be limited work though, so we'll see.

Anonymous said...

How did you guys do against Nigeria yesterday ? I missed the game hope you played well

Anonymous said...

Norway lost 3-0. Nigeria out played them, it's just that simple.