Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 WCP Cup Quarterfinals Matchups

Will post a full preview on Wednesday, but for now here are the games:

France vs Nigeria, 7 p.m - Group A winner vs Group C 2nd. France has been class of the tournament so far. Nigeria barely made the playoffs in a difficult group.

Serbia vs Afghanistan, 8 p.m. - Group D winner vs Group B 2nd. Serbia surprised in the weakest group while Afghanistan went undefeated in the hardest.

Jamaica vs Ireland, 9 p.m. - Group B winner vs Group D 2nd. Jamaica has played solid defense and has many scoring options. Ireland got lazy, but ultimately has a talented squad. Rematch of Mike Collins, David Brown and Jonah Gardikiotis against old team.

Poland vs Sudan, 10 p.m. - Group C winner vs Group A 2nd. Rematch of 2012 quaterfinal that was a thriller.


Anonymous said...

How is your head Braden. Heard the lil guy popped you one. You beat Greece, congratulations

Anonymous said...

Ireland is by far the worst team in these quarterfinals. No one likes them. Very lazy sad team. Can't wait till they lose.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would openly admit to having drinks with that blackberry poster. You are honestly painting a huge target on your back and those ROI guys won't hold back against you. If I were you I'd confess about who that poster was, or they may just assume it is you.
I've seen a 13 year old make you cry Braden, imagine what two grown men may do to you?

Anonymous said...

Rumors are going around that Mike Collins plans on blowing the game against ROI because he took a bet with his buddies. Very sad. I can't believe people would do this type of stuff for friends. It's pretty ridiculous. People talk, especially in Regina.

Anonymous said...

Braden already admitted to not posting stuff on the "other blog". I think he's full of it, and upset his blog sucks.

Anonymous said...

Braden is a bitter loser that runs his mouth when he is drunk. It may not be him doing the posting but he knows who it is and is some how involved. I guess seeing as people only know it is Braden, he can take the fall for everything.

Playmaker said...

Ha. These comments are great. I'm not sure which Blackberry is being referenced, or which post about ROI you're even referring to - I don't see anything in any of the comments. I don't need to post anonymously, I stand by everything I say. And as for a target on my back... I just shake my head and laugh. As for being drunk - I wish. Have hardly had any time to drink this tournament.

The nose is going to be OK I think. It's still pretty swollen, but as far as I can tell it isn't crooked. Got two black eyes from it though and I'm getting weird looks from people at work all the time.