Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 WCP Cup Group Stage Recap

Technically there is still one game to play, but for all intents and purposes the group stage is complete. Wednesday night the quartefinals go at 7, 8, 9, and 10 p.m. If even one game goes to extra time or kicks from the mark then expect to be watching until midnight. You better believe that the referees will let the teams get a good warm up so it's going to be a late night.

Group A
France absolutely rolled this group, including the huge win over Sudan on opening night. It really was never in doubt they would take the group after that and when El Salvador whimpered out against Sudan this thing was over pretty early. Biggest story besides France dominance was Somalia deciding it had had enough of being the group whipping boy and it wouldn't bother to play its final game.
1. France
2. Sudan
3. El Salvador
4. Italy
5. Somalia - DNF

Group B
Jamaica took this group thanks to early wins and gutting out a huge victory against Laos. Would have been even more impressive if they would've beaten Afghanistan but they were already in by that point so you can't really fault them. Afghanistan looked great the entire tournament and could've won the group had it not choked away the game against Germany. Laos was good, but not great and that's what was needed for this group. Germany tried hard, but was outclassed. Northern Ireland and South Korea gave it an effort.
1. Jamaica
2. Afghanistan
3. Laos
4. Germany
5. Northern Ireland
6. South Korea

Group C
Poland won this group running away thanks to stellar defensive play and winning ugly when it needed to. Should have tied Norway and held on to beat Canada, but that's the way this team always wins. Cruel twist of fate is that Poland now gets Sudan in the quarterfinals, the exact same matchup as 2012. Nigeria lucked out in its first game with the controversial decision to disallow a goal against Canada. That one decision effectively decided the group. Hungary somehow beat Nigeria and played well in all its games. Norway tried hard but couldn't score goals. Greece has many heritage players.
1. Poland
2. Nigeria
3. Canada
4. Hungary
5. Norway
6. Greece

Group D
Still one more game to go but whatever. Big surprise here was Serbia. It beat Ireland handily but also lost 2-1 to Scotland. I didn't see a single game in this group because I assumed they would all be boring, and I'm assuming that assumption was correct. Serbia gets to battle Afghanistan, so it was a fun run. Ireland is always hot and cold and probably should have won this group. The next three teams are all pretty equal and Djibouti tried hard.
1. Serbia
2. Ireland
3. Colombia
3. Portugal
3. Scotland
6. Djibouti


Anonymous said...

"Greece has many Heritage Players" haha. Classic Greece.

Anonymous said...

its kinda crazy how Laos didnt get through with 10 points, while Nigeria got through with 9 points, Sudan as well but they played one game less, so hard to say

Anonymous said...

Stop crying about it Laos wasn't good this year