Saturday, March 23, 2013

France 5, Sudan 0

This was a disappointing game if you were expecting two teams of equal skill to be playing each other. Sudan was the exact same squad as 2012 with one major change - different keeper. Apparently Noor was sick for the game so one of the smallest players on Sudan was given the thankless task of trying to stop a determined France attack. Not that the keeper got any help from the guys calling themsleves defenders. For France's part, they played a perfect game defensively and stifled every counter-attack and long-ball opportunity. France was by far the better team.


Anonymous said...

That game was brutal, I dont think Sudan completed 2 consecutive passes the entire game. That goalie seemed shaky, but even with Noor its still at least 4-0

Anonymous said...

Noor is nothing but a DIV 4 quality goal keeper at best. That guy is a bum and will always be a bum. Does he play soccer during the year? The answer is no. He claims to be the best, but watch him play. He's got weak distribution, and weak positioning. He gets lucky, and half the time the ball is shot right at him. I totally agree, with or without Noor, Sudan was going to lose this game.

Ian McLaren said...

Man up lads! No more anonymous comments or fake user names. If you say it, stand by it.