Friday, March 29, 2013

Canada 6, Norway 1

Ug. Not the finest showing from Norway. We got the first goal about two minutes in, but it was all downhill from there. Give Canada the credit, because they were the better team and good teams take care of business. They got some lousy goals, but they also got some really nice ones and possession was probably 75-25 for Canada. I'm disappointed in the overall effort from Norway, but the final result wasn't a huge surprise. Not Norway's year and now we need to try and play spoiler.


Anonymous said...

how can you be dissapointed?? all your team members plays div 4, and why isnt Shawn Haynes not playing up front??? hes not fit enough to play in the center mid, your tactics were all wrong, stefan is not a striker

Anonymous said...

Mario is a dud goalie. Weak goals cost you guys big. It's not all his fault, but seriously ... maybe step up the defense a little too.

Anonymous said...

Why is Trevor Knox playing on your team. He blows Husdal. You can't find any quality players to help your team? Oh wait, there are no quality players on Norway. They are all lazy, fat, and slow. And play div 4.