Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 WCP Cup Ticket Prices

Welcome to year three of bitching about WCP Cup ticket prices!

Once again, we're a week away from the tournament and there still isn't any information about how much fans are going to have to fork over. In 2012 I wondered how much we were going to get hosed before learning that Nana and Papa were going to have to fork over that month's pension cheque to buy a tournament pass. In 2011, the price was $85. In 2012 it was $100. Are we going to get hit with $115 in 2013? $120? $130?

Probably not.

I say this only because WCP has been looking for ways to slash costs and get easy revenue. This year we're looking at only one (1! Crazy!) official for all group-stage games - including for the men's draw. Plus they've introduced an U-12 division - which is probably the easiest cash grab ever - because what relative can say no to watching Johnny compete for another useless trophy after he's already played in the RSA league, RSA playoffs, RSA Cup, and ACFC Winterfest, all in the past three months. The WCP Organizing Committee has had eight years to learn these things.

The referee cutback should save the WCPOC approximately $5,000 by my rough estimate. It will also create TENSION! because of all the close goal protests and all the dirty stuff happening behind the play. And of course I have to mention the decsion to disallow certain top officials from even participating because of poorly assumed conflict of interest. Nothing like a WCP controversy to boost ticket sales even more.

All this leads to one thing: If ticket prices are higher than $100 for a pass, then rest assured we're all getting royally screwed. We were getting screwed in 2011 and in 2012 of course, but this time there would be a whole pile of evidence about just how much we're taking it up the bum.


Anonymous said...

i hope your team gets banned after this article and if your going to complain about prices, be a man an email the wcp committe

Playmaker said...

Yeah, kicking people out of the tournament for complaining about prices would make sense... Except there wouldn't be any teams reamining. Every year we go through me almost getting banned, and every year cooler heads prevail when we think about how that would look - suppressing free speech

Anonymous said...

it is ridiculous.. The people that get mad about you complaining are probably the people making thousands off the tourney. Paying outrageous prices to go see missed call after missed call. They can't even get out of bounds calls right now.. Just to put 50 beans in their pocket. Bruuutal