Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 WCP Cup Important Dates

Schedule is out and there are a decent number of big games. Not as many as 2012, but still good.

Fri 22, 10:30 - Sudan vs France. Great opening game.
Sat 23, 9:00 - Nigeria vs Canada.
Sat 23, 10:00 - Laos vs Afghanistan

Thurs 28, 8:30 - Afghanistan vs Germany
Thurs 28, 9:30 - Norway vs Canada
Fri 29, 8:00 - Ireland vs Colombia
Fri 29, 10:00 - El Sal vs Sudan
Sat 30, 10:00 - Jamaica vs Germany
Sun 31, 7:00 - Portugal vs Colombia
Sun 31 - 9:00 - Norway vs Poland

Wed 3, 9:30 - Norway vs Nigeria
Fri 5, 7:30 - Ireland vs Portugal
Fri 5, 8:30 - Poland vs Canada
Fri 5, 9:30 - Laos vs Jamaica
Sat 6, 9:00 - Jamaica vs Afghanistan
Sat 6, 10:00 - El Sal vs France
Sun 7, 7:00 - Poland vs Nigeria
Sun 7, 9:00 - Laos vs Germany

Wed 10 - Men's Quarterfinals
Fri 12 - Men's Semifinals
Sat 13 - Men's and Women's Finals

A few interesting notes:
-Schedule makers gave everyone a break by only starting men's weekday games at 8:30. That means I can go home after work and have a nap before coming back to watch important matchups.
- Pretty much all big games are Friday and Saturday nights again. Don't mess with a winning formula.
- The last weekend of games will once again be the most intense.
- Games on Easter Sunday for the first time in tournament history. Also a couple big games on Good Friday.
- No more bronze medal game after the 2012 debacle.
- The break day is now between the quarters and semis instead of the semis and final. Not sure if it will make any kind of difference.


@Cam_Lag said...

What about Friday, March.29 @6pm
- Scotland vs Dj booti?!!!

Playmaker said...

I have a tough time imagining the scenario that would make me want to attend that game. Scotland is always improving, but if I see even one Dijibouti game I'll be surprised

Koz said...

Hahahaha how is any Norway game an important date? Why don't you chalk up Greece v. Norway.

Playmaker said...

Because the game against Greece is guaranteed win night, just like every year.

Anonymous said...

you're a joke Braden. The game vs. Greece will be the most important of Norway because it will be the final nail in the coffin that keeps you out of the playoffs. Norway peaked what? 5 years ago? Little to no changes since aside from getting a little older each year. Even in pool D wouldn't be a guarantee to get a playoff spot for you guys.