Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Preview: Group D

The Contenders: This group is pretty wide open and its going to be interesting what happens. Ireland is still the best team out of the six, but has lost a number of key players, including its keeper. Colombia has an athletic team, but not one that plays all that well together. Serbia is always intense and takes the tournament seriously, but has serious flaws and depth issues. This is by far the easiest group in 2013.

The Challengers: If Portugal and Scotland can play well consistently throughout the tournament then there's a chance either could be playoff bound, simply because this group is so weak. Neither team has much in terms of above-average players, but they will work hard and they won't give up on games.

The Pretenders: I don't have even the faintest idea who is on Djibouti so they get the traditional last place until they can prove they're above it.

Predicted Order of Finish
1. Ireland
2. Serbia
3. Colombia
4. Portugal
5. Scotland
6. Djibouti


Anonymous said...

I get that his is a weaker pool, but Sebia barely mustered up a tie against Scotland last year. How are they considered a contender above Scotland or Portugal?

Playmaker said...

Norway played Scotland in an exhibition game and they suck. Wasn't even competitive. I'm assuming they'll be better for the tournament, but not much. And I haven't heard of any new players for Portugal. They're on the downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

Exhibition games don't mean squat. Half the time it's fillers player that are either playing on another team (like Mike Collins playing a friendly withnHungary I think it was), or its a team watered down with div. 5 players that will be cut for the tournament.

Playmaker said...

Well then, maybe my opinion is more informed from Scotland's stellar group record in the past few years. Or lack thereof.