Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Day 2 Preview - Sat March 23

Six games to watch, with the final two of the night being very high-quality.

Colombia vs Djibouti, 5 p.m. - This will be the first look at Djibouti so it might be interesting. I fully expect Colombia to get a win though, because if they don't then its good-bye any playoff hopes after only one game. Colombia 4-2.

Ireland vs Scotland, 6 p.m. - Another Group D game and its tough to get excited. Ireland stomped Scotland in 2012 and the only way this stays close is if Scotland's keeper stands on his head, which he's capable of doing. Ireland 6-0.

Poland vs Hungary, 7 p.m. - Could be interesting depending on who Poland plays as striker. This shouldn't be any contest when based solely on skill, but if Andrew Baulin plays well defensively and Hungary catches some breaks then there is upset potential. Poland 2-1.

Jamaica vs Northern Ireland, 8 p.m. - I fully expect Jamaica to avenge their terrible result from last year and claim a convincing victory. This one should be over by half. Jamaica 5-1.

Nigeria vs Canada, 9 p.m. - Super compelling matchup to start the tournament for these teams. In a tough group, one early loss can mean the end so both teams will be desperate from the opening kick. Expect fast, physical play. Tie 3-3.

Laos vs Afghanistan, 10 p.m. - Not quite as good a matchup as last year, but still a great closer for the opening Saturday. This game will be loud, it will have great goals and it will ultimately end with Laos getting three points for the win. Laos 4-2.


Anonymous said...

Different Jamaica and N Ireland have about 5-6 guys from last year's team. 7-3 Jamaica!

Anonymous said...

The problem with this tournament is the fact that some teams are crazy good and some are crazy bad.

Look at the Scotland vs. Ireland game. Scotland got destroyed and every year they keep claiming to have picked up some really good younger players. Give me a break. It's time to get it together and know when it's time to give up. In this game the best player on the field was their goal keeper. To lose 8-2 is a complete embarrassment. Get it together.

Now the Djibouti game. They have no offense, no defense, and their best player is the guy they have in goal. He stood on his head for 50 minutes and kept those dirt bags in the game. When your goalie is getting like 100 hundred shots a game, you should be thankful the game was only 5-1. Djibouti is a joke. I don't know why they even bothered putting in a team. Learn how to play soccer!!! I doubt they have 8 minimum heritage players. Where the heck is Djibouti anyways?

Ian McLaren said...

Don't know who you are, because you posted with the brave "anonymous" tag. yeah the Scotland game was an embarrassment, we had a chance to make it 4-3 with 15 minutes left after having a brief 2-1 lead in the first minute. Then we made a silly turn over that made it 5-2 and against a team of elite players like Ireland that was all she wrote. Our average age is 21.2 years old so our future is bright. By the way our joke of a team beat Serbia last night 2-1. What team do you play for?

Ian said...

Should have read 2-1 lead in the first half