Monday, April 16, 2012

South Korea Preview - Monday 8:30 p.m.

I really don't have any insight into this game now that Norway is out of playoff contention. I sincerely hope that Norway shows up and plays hard tonight, but I can say that it is pretty demoralizing to be knocked out and I'm having problems getting motivated. It would be an embarassment to lose or tie this game, so I'm crossing my fingers we put in a good effort.

Norway is better than South Korea in every aspect and this should be over early. Norway needs to score early and often and not let this game be close. Can't have teams hanging around like we've done all tournament and it would be good to end on a winning note. Norway wins 5-1.


Anonymous said...

Norway needs to reevaluate there team, Stefan should be cut and Reiss

Anonymous said...

Stefan is Norway! What a goof comment!

They are pretty solid defensively and gave some good midfielders. If they could add a top notch striker they'd be as good as anyone.


Anonymous said...

Agreed Riggs. Stefan is norway and more. No one else seems to produce on that team. Weak.

Anonymous said...

c'mn guys every body is damn too goood why pick on others when you know you good shut up already we will never have the same skill


Anonymous said...

I think Norway needs to start training this summer so it can perform next yr