Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scotland 6, Somalia 2

I\m not sure Somalia learned anything from its loss against Ireland. Once again the Somalians attempted the no-defense strategy and once again it failed spectacularly. Props to Scotland for puting the ball in the net, but I'm thinking its going to be tough for any Group A team to score less than six.


Playmaker said...

And in the other game of the night Nigeria won 13-0. Should have been more but Vietnam's keeper plauyed well.

Anonymous said...

There has been so much talking going on on all these blogs and I've hesitated to make any comments, however this last comment by GOW is uncalled for and unnecessary. I think people have forgotten what the purpose of this event is/was. This event was set up to give a people a chance to represent their nationalities as many of us come from different parts of the world. This event was set up to bring people together and stop the concept of racism that has been going on for years, it has been set up to display the type of country Canada really is by allowing so many people to a wonderful world of opportunities and equality. All this talk and this whole event has completely forgotten what the real purpose is. It is sad to hear comments like that and to talk about people the way people are talking on here. Yes I understand for some of you this is just a fun game of trash talking one another but sometimes people cross the line.

People talk about Vietnam, Somalia, Greece, Afghanistan, Botswana and others how much they suck and how they should not be part of the tournament at least they are proud to actually represent their home land, they might get beat at the game but at the end of the day they are proud of representing their community. We have 20 teams on the tournament and out of those teams can you actually tell me that the majority of the people playing are actually from that country??? I highly doubt it so before people start talking sit back and think before you talk. Anyone could win this tournament if they gather the best teams around Sask, Alberta and even other parts of the country and called themselves whatever country they want. At least some of these teams competing are actually trying to represent their country.

On a different note depending on how everything plays out I see the top 4 teams making it to the semi’s will be ROI, Sudan, Laos and Nigeria.. Just my thought of watching the first few games however there is still a lot of soccer to be played.


“I was surprised, but I always say nothing surprises me in soccer.”

Anonymous said...

That Scotland game was totally a tale of 2 half's for their team. the first half they were the drizzling poops...the only thing worse then the poops is when it's soggy and drippy and just smears all over. That's how they looked in that first half. The second half after they scored their second goal it's almost like their confidence clicked a little and they believed they should be in this tournament. They were stringing together some decent plays and showed signs of some decent play. Still a long way from competing for a playoff spot (although technically right now they are that #2 team in that pool! WTF? Who would have thought?), but compared to where they were the last 2 years they've made great strides! Props for not taking the road that England and others have taken out of this tournament after a shaky year or 2!

Anonymous said...

Side note: I 100% agree with where Anon 12:37 is going with this. I'd love to see this become a tournament about playing for your country than playing for the win. Bump the heritage requirement up to 95% or something...the only way you can play non-heritage is if your background doesn't have a team. IF you want to play into the "all-starring" stuff line up a men's team. I'm not against guys coming from Saskatoon, or whatever, just make sure they are heritage.

I will disagree on one thing in that post. I don't see Nigeria in the top 4. Decent team, but a 13-0 win over Vietnam (perhaps the tournaments new whipping boy in place of Scotland?) doesn't give they a free pass to the medal rounds. I'd be surprised if they don't make it out of their pool, but there are many teams tougher in the playoff rounds. The fact that their playoff draw will put them up against Sudan or ROI is a VERY steep jump from their push over pool (aside from Poland).

The Joker said...

Are u dumb or just restarted? 95 % for heritage???

1. Regina doesn't have soccer players to fill that require that u, would probably get 12 teams with actual heritage if your lucky.

2. How would u actually prove the heritage? I'm sure Nigeria is not all Nigerian in fact there capt. Is ugandan.

3. It's a Regina tournament who cares

Anonymous said...

1. 12 teams...where's the problem? you would have a great exciting competitive tournament rather than a watered down tournament of Div. 4/5/6 guys. Does it have to go to 95%? No, but right now it's barely half the team if you use the full roster space. Why not make it 75%. Most of the teams should be able to find enough decent players from most countries...

2. Keep track of the heritage forms. The same way way they do now. Is it fool proof? Obviously not, but it helps.

3. I agree with your point...it's only a Regina tournament so why is it THAT important that teams are bringing in people from outside Regina and outside Saskatchewan just for our little ol' tourney? Why is it so important for these teams to need to win it? Make it exciting while adding more multi-cultural.

Anonymous said...

Joker shut up. Learn to how spell you retard. Wow. 75% works good. Makes it more fair for weaker teams, then teams like ROI can't stack the tam they make in future years. Things will be more even then. Also, if you don't have 75% then you shouldn't be allowed to have a team. Multiculturalism is important for this tournament.

The Joker said...

Oh no it's the comment cop again arak soccer reject