Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nigeria 4, Hungary 3

This game started crazy. Nigeria had a goal less than one minute in and it looked like the route was on. Then, somehow, Hungary managed to get two quick goals of its own, both of them the fault of the Nigerian keeper who misplayed. Gotta be thinking its time to upgrade there. Halftime score was 2-1. To start the second Hungary got another quick goal and tied the game. Super boring for most of the second half as Nigeria tried to push but couldn't get anything going. With about 10 minutes left, Emanuel scored his patented control, muscle the defender while he turns, and crack a goal past a hapless keeper. Nigeria then forgot about defense and let Hungary score it right back one minute later. Two minutes later Nigeria scores the winner on a long-range strike, but the game didn't end without drama. Hungary had a feree kick with less than 20 seconds to go at the top of the box but they smashed it into the Nigeria wall.

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