Friday, April 20, 2012

Laos 3, Republic of Ireland 2 - 2012 Semifinals

This game was about as even as it gets. Super fun to watch because of the fan intensity and the obvious fact that 90% of the spectators wanted Ireland to lose. There weren't many chances in the first half and every time one happened the opposing keeper was there for the stop. Dooley got the best chance of the first 25 minutes when he got an open look from the top of the box. He ripped a hard low shot that Evan had to make a nice diving save on. A rebound popped out and then Evan made a great save on that too. It was tied 0-0 at half.
More of the same to start the second half with no really good opportunities for either side. Both played exceptionally good defense for the most part. That changed with 14 minutes left when Scott Myrah curled a nice low cross into the box from about half. It found Steve Irinici perfectly and he managed a skillful volley that changed the direction of the ball right past Jonah. Crowd erupted but was almost immediately silenced. Less than a minute later Dwayne for Ireland lofted a cross to the back post of the Laos net and Garrity ran onto it and got a nice header. Evan got his fingertips on the ball, but it trickled over the line and it was 1-1.
With eight minutes left Bryan Murrel once again stepped up to save the day for Laos with a free kick. It was positioned in the middle of the field about a two yards over half. Murrel's rocket of a shot was a frozen rope that barely missed the wall and went perfectly top left corner. Jonah saw it the whole way and he dove but it was so hard and so perfectly placed that he never had a chance.
The crowd braced itself for an Irish comeback, but it was Laos that scored the next one too when Alvaro Campos completely missed a bouncing ball at half and allowed Calvin Crump to walk in, then dish to Adam Ailsby who had an easy finish past Jonah. Looked like game over after that because Laos had all the momentum. But you can never count out Ireland with all that talent. With under two minutes to go Garrity was in a striker position and received a long ball from Jonah. He chested it down nice and it bounced once before Leigh Mooney absolutely crushed a volley from 25 yards out that was a missile to the inside post. Evan never had a chance. Ireland came close on a couple more shots, but the game was over. Laos gets the best of this rivalry in 2012.

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Anonymous said...

There was a lot players on ROI that should be cut and never play again, disgusted with they're play

Duncan mcdougal-lazy useless like a tool box
Mark Warnekowski- disgusted with his reckless tackling, go play hockey or something
Shawn dooley - retire please
Kapila- ran around with his head cut off
Alvaro campos- get lost you band wagon jumper
Ryan m? - you played pro where
Garret m?- should really be playing on northern Ireland

Next yr we will be back stronger and hopefully mike will cut these players!