Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laos 3, Colombia 1

It was way closer than I expected. I'm not sure what happened to Colombia since it lost to Jamaica, but it played significantly better in this game. Laos got the first goal when Adam Ailsby tipped in a free kick right in front of the net. The game should have been tied a few minutes later, but a Colombian shot into the box was inexplicably disallowed because of some random contact on the keeper. Laos scored its second goal when Ailsby took a free kick from the top of the box that went low and right through the Colombian wall. Third goal was a Chad Anthony free kick that went into the corner of the net because the wall didn't do its job again. Colombia scored a goal in the final minute when Paco put one in from way out.


CA7 said...

brayden, give me some credit haha i still had to bend the ball around the wall! haha

Playmaker said...

Yeah, you placed it nice. I think I was more disgusted with Colombia giving up and then not defending those two free kicks in the first place.