Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jamaica 4, Northern Ireland 4

Oh boy. Such a fun game to watch. Jamaica controlled the play, had the majority of possession and chances, but still managed to look inferior. Jamaica hit the crossbar and post in the first half but it was Northern Ireland with the two goal lead. A nice header to deflect a ball into the box gave N.I. its first goal. A sweet header from a corner kick was the second goal.

In the second half Jamaica came on strong. Peters scored a header for Jamaica's first goal about 10 minutes into the half. Two minutes later Jamaica tied it up when Holness held up the ball perfectly, waited, then sent a sweet pass across the box to Troy Lydiate streaking in, who buried it. A minute later N.I. got a go-ahead goal when their midfielder curled in a weak free kick from the sideline that nobody on Jamaica tried to clear and which the keeper misjudged. Terrible goal.

Jamaica kept coming and scored with seven minutes left when Lydiate again buried a Holness layoff. The victory seemed to be cetain when Peters tipped in a Craig Hodel free kick with only three minutes remaining. However, best moment of the game came with 20 seconds remaining when Jamaica failed to properly clear a blocked shot. The ball popped way in the air, the Jamaican centre back and keeper both came for the ball, and the ball ricocheted off of the defender and into the open net. 4-4 final.

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Anonymous said...

Great game to watch. It was back and forth lead changes. N.Ireland, you looked good in the first half but stopped playing for half of the second half. Jamaica, way to not give up and keep fighting. You controlled most of the game, and if it wasn't for their keeper, you guys would of won by a few goals. Now this group could get interesting