Monday, April 9, 2012

Italy Preview - Monday 7:30 p.m.

This is an important game for both teams. Italy needs a win if it has any hopes of making the playoffs. Norway could use a win to take some of the pressure off of next weekends El Salvador matchup. I expect Norway to take this one and do it in convincing fashion. While Italy plays hard and has some talent in the lineup, they don't have the firepower or the midfield to match Norway.

Norway needs to come out running and not let up until it has a couple of goals on the scoreboard. The main detriment to Norway's style of play is that it can't finish teams when they're down and that needs to start changing. If Italy comes out even a little flat then this should be 3-0 before the first ten minutes have passed.

Defensively, Norway needs to keep challenging hard and winning battles like it has in the first two games. Things broke down in the second half against France, but otherwise Norway has been extremely effective. Italy shouldn't get more than one goal, and if it does then the Norway D didn't do its job.

Norway needs this and has the better team. Norway wins 4-0.


Anonymous said...

Well it's official.. Italy is not nearly as strong as people might have thought from their opening victory. Their bits of success seem to come from some hard work and decent defense combined with poor opposition. Norway was the better team tonight but not by much. It was an ugly game from both sides and Norway was fortunate to get the win after a VERY questionable goal. Following that Italy just collapsed and gave up another to seal the game. 3-1 Norway.

I think Norway will be lucky to beat El Salvador who, with a full squad, looks decent. Either way I don't see anyone but France having any success after round robin.

Anonymous said...

What's all this garbage talk about EL and this full squad crap. Get lost. Why are these EL players pissing around and looking for excuses. If your players don't show, that's your problem and your own fault. Win with the players you have. Stop complaining. Your team SUCKS. No excuse for not having people show. What a joke of a team.

Anonymous said...

es will beat Norway no problem and will then get the second spot.. Unless the refs give Norway enough phantom goals to win the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from ES, I just saw the Italy game then saw the Greece game and they looked like a very different team with their full squad.

Anonymous said...

Norway shouldn't get more than one goal.. And it if does then the referee didn't do his job.

Anonymous said...

The only questionable goal in the game last night was the last one. The keeper was down and the ref should have blown his whistle. The second goal was clearly over the line. The linesman was right on the goal line to make the call.