Sunday, April 15, 2012

Germany 3, Nigeria 2

Not the most entertaining game but both of these teams played their hearts out. Germany's defense played well and the Germans won the midfield battle too. Give Nigeria credit for never giving up, but the better team won.
Germany scored the only goal of the first half 10 minutes in when Steven Patterson ripped a shot from just over half with enough power that the keeper couldn't grab it. With 17 minutes left in the second half Germany got a nice free kick goal that was hard and on the ground, right into the bottom corner. But Germany couln't hold the two goal advantage, just like against Poland.
Ten minutes remaining Nigeria got within one when the striker caught Peto off balance and put a shot through his legs. Then with 30 seconds Nigeria miraculously banged in another to tie it up. Germany got a free kick ten second after the ensuing kick off. Ball got played across the field and David Patterson made a desperation shot. Somehow it went all the way through and in past a sprawling keeper. Crazy finish.

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Poor referring in this game