Sunday, April 15, 2012

El Salvador Preview - Sunday 9 p.m.

This is now essentially a must-win for Norway because ES managed to beat France. But that's OK because I really do think Norway will win this game because its the better team and matches up very well.

This game will be won by Norway by owning the midfield play. Norway's midfield should be physically better and ES won't have opportunities to get easy shots. Defensively, Norway has been playing well and should be able to keep ES from scoring anything easy. Norway will score goals against a tired and overconfident ES squad.

Fun fact: If El Salvador wins it gets 1st place in the group. If it loses it gets 4th place.

Norway wins 4-1.


Anonymous said...

4-1 Norway?? Really you have to be out if your mind, but hey it's ok to dream..

Anonymous said...

Have you guys even scored 4 goals in the tournament?? Haha, keep dreaming! Either we get a few early and the blow out is on, or it's a tight one down to the wire with a million free kicks that scream by the post (like the last 3 games last night).

Good luck buddy!


Anonymous said...

having played both Norway and es this tourney, I see es taking it easily. Unless the ref allows Norway to commit fouls without free kicks.. Then it could be close.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Norway