Sunday, April 15, 2012

El Salvador 3, France 2

France laid a big turd on the field and let El Salvador get away with this one. ES played well and scored nice goals, but France could get absolutely nothing going offensively. Three minutes into the game Jerson hammered a top corner shots from 35 yards out. Fantastic goal. Five minutes later Murphy tied it up with a nice flick header past the keeper. Right after the France goal ES went ahead again off an own goal past Tristan. 2-1 at half.
12 minutes into the second half Riggs scored a nice goal when he picked the bottom corner. France got one back on a Travis Brady header. France could have had about four goals in the final five minutes but couldn't manage to get even one.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is kinda crazy so if ES wins tonight they finish 1st right?

What happens if they draw tonight?

Does Norway have to score 10 goals plus against Korea?

And I guess a Norway win would give them 2nd right? Given the fact they beat Korea tommorow night

Playmaker said...

Pretty much exactly like that. ES win gives ES first. Tie means Norway needs to kill south Korea. Loss to Norway gives Norway second place and France first.

Anonymous said...

That makes for an exciting game tonight!

Anonymous said...

Please knock out ES