Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Day 8 Preview - Fri April 6

Four games happening on this Goodest of Fridays. Two absolutely marquee matchups tonight to end the holiday.

Botswana vs Serbia, 7 p.m. - Two teams that despeately need a win if they want even slim playoff hopes. Playing in a pool with two juggernauts means the other four games are desperation time. Serbia isn't flashy, but I think they've got enough of a mean streak that they'll get the goals they need. Serbia wins 3-2.

Nigeria vs Hungary, 8 p.m. - Nigeria is rounding into form and Hungary is the next team on the demolition trail. I like Hungary and the effort they put forth, but Nigeria is determined not to falter in 2012 and that determination will lead to many goals against lesser opponents. Nigeria wins 8-3.

Poland vs Germany, 9 p.m. - Here we go with the first intense, skilled game of the day. Both teams should have their full rosters and complete complement of Saskatoon players. This will be a hard-tackling game with neither team giving an inch. Poland needs to prove that all the hype wasn't in vain and that it is capable of scoring goals with its upgraded attacking crew. Germany needs to prove that this is the year it can shake off the "streaky" label and can use its abundant skill to win some really big games. I think both teams will be disciplined, but this is also a powder keg and if one bad tackle happens look for the fireworks to begin. Tie game 3-3.

Jamaica vs Canda, 10 p.m. - I hope this is a good game, but I'm worried about Jamaica's ability to step up and deliver. The tie against Northern Ireland set Jamaica back so this is essentially a must-win. Canada will know that and will play defense to effectively neatralize Kevin Holness and will track back to make sure Troy doesn't get open looks like on Wednesday. Its tough to keep Canada off of the scoreboard. Canada wins 5-3.


Anonymous said...

Dufus why were you so loud and drunk last night. You lush. Take a step back next time, have a few less, and lower your voice. I can hear you a mile away.

Anonymous said...

OMG it's good Friday football! But really it's horrible football because it's in Regina ok let's go first game

Botswana v Serbia 4-2 Serbia

Nigeria v Hungary 4-1 Nigeria

Poland v Germany 4-3 Germany look out for the Blitzkreig attack

Jamaica v Canada 3-2 Canada

Ooooooooohhhh yyyyaaaa bbbbooooiiiii

Anonymous said...

I go with Germany 3-2

Anonymous said...

Canada looks like they will straw to semis this year, 5-3 Canada

Anonymous said...

on the contra..for the above post the result will be the other way, i agree with you on Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Canada sucks

Anonymous said...

Canada and France are solid teams and I expect them in the semis or finals

Anonymous said...