Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canada 2, France 1 - SO - 2012 QFinals

This game was pretty much a snoozer except that it went into shootouts! And nine shooters at that. Amazing. Tavis opened the scoring with four minutes left in the first half when he made one move at the top of the France box that managed to fake out all three French defenders. With the open look he calmly put the ball bottom corner. The only other goal of regulation came with 17 minutes left in the second half when Mason took a free kick for France about 15 yards out. He put a nice bend around the wall and it went in easy. 1-1 after regulation.
Each team had decent chances in overtime. First Mason took another free kick from the top of the box, but the wall was perfect and no damage. On the other end, Jarvis and Tristan got in a good collision in the box, but the ball bounced wide. For the final play of regulation Tavis missed a sideline free kick just wide.
Then it was shootouts!
1. Fra - Rory shot first for France and Waller made the save. But he was too far off his line! Redo! Second try went right down the middle.
1. Can - Ian Labatte scores bottom right. Nice shot
2. Fra - Danny scores easy left.
2. Can - Justin Sawka goes easy right.
3. Fra - Dylan goes left and gets it in.
3. Can - Ben Wolfmueller slips, but his shot is hard and goes off the side post and just under the crossbar.
4. Fra - Murphy goes slightly left, easy in.
4. Can - Tavis goes slightly left. Tristan goes right.
5. Fra - Kaj goes left. Waller goes right.
5. Can - Jarvis goes down the middle. Tristan goes right.
6. Fra - Leon goes right. Waller dives left.
6. Can - Steve Galan goes left and Tristan dives the same way. Got his fingers on it but it was hard enough that the ball got through. Still no misses!
7. Fra - Adam Kunz goes left and Waller dives with it and makes the first save!
7. Can - Kubiak goes low left and Tristan dives and makes the save! But he came off the line early! Redo! Kubiak goes right down the middle, Tristan saves again!
8. Fra - Mason shoots hard left. Waller makes the save!
8. Can - Hunt goes soft bottom right. Tristan saves!
9. Fra - TJ goes slightly left, Waller makes his third straight save!
9. Can - Dave Morley goes hard left at mid-height. Tristan gets his fingers on it, the ball deflects up and in!

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