Friday, April 6, 2012

Botswana 5, Serbia 4

This was the MacKenzie Wagman show in the first half. Wagman scored three goals for Botswana in the first 25 minutes of what was a back-and-forth game without much defense. The first one he picked the corner from 25 yards out. The second one was a quick free kick that Serbia didn't bother to defend, and the third was a cracker from way out. Somehow Serbia stayed in the game by getting its own goals and the halftime score was 4-3. Serbia tied it up with 5 mins left and it looked like it would end in a draw. However, the Botswana striker stole a pass, beat a defender and lofted a sweet shot over the Serbian keepers head with the outside of his foot. Exciting game.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Braden. The Botswana game was very exciting. Both teams really didn't give their keepers much help though. Some better defense would have helped. Overall, good game for the fans.

What were the scores for the rest of the games last night?

Anonymous said...

Botswana was the most exciting game of the night but they need to work on their defense