Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 WCP Semifinals Preview

So only three more important games to go. Doesn't last Saturday's fantastic night feel like a month ago already? Quarterfinals were great, these two better be just as good.

Ireland vs Laos, 7:30 p.m. - For the fourth year in a row we get treated to an epic Ireland vs Laos matchup. So far Ireland has the 2-1 advantage, but this is quickly turning into a Lakers vs Celtics, Colts vs Patriots, Yankees vs Red Sox kind of deal. And I like it. Both teams are a little different than they were in 2011, but I'm thinking the Irish still have that edge. Ireland has scored tons of goals, it has controlled the pace and it knows how to kick a team when its down, like it tried to do against Germany in the quarterfinal. Frankly, I don't think Laos has looked as good this tournament as it did for the past three. Slow is the main word that comes to mind and El Salvador used that speed discrepancy to control the majority of the game in that quarterfinal. I think this game will have a great atmosphere, both teams will be completely jacked and we'll be treated to an exciting product. I hope Evan is as good as he was against ES because he's going to have a busy night. Ireland wins 3-2.

Canada vs Sudan, 9:30 p.m. - I'm super excited to have this matchup because it means we're for sure getting at least one new finalist. Canada deserves to be in the semis thanks to three absolutely solid games in a row against legitimately good teams. Sudan deserves to be where it is thanks to only one big win, but a win agaisnt a heavy tournament favourite. Watch out for Canada's midfield in this one as its the biggest strength of the team. Sudan hasn't impressed me at all with its midfield play and if there's a combo to exploit that weakness its Tavis and Jarvis. Those two need to shoot like crazy all night and hope that Noor's play in goal in the quarterfinal for Sudan was as lucky as it looked. Sudan should keep playing its arial game against Canada because the Canadian defense is not nearly as good as Poland's. Going to be super exciting and a perfect final step before the final. Canada wins 5-4.


Anonymous said...

There was a lot players on ROI that should be cut and never play again, disgusted with they're play

Duncan mcdougal-lazy useless like a tool box
Mark Warnekowski- disgusted with his reckless tackling, go play hockey or something
Shawn dooley - retire please
Kapila- ran around with his head cut off
Alvaro campos- get lost you band wagon jumper
Ryan m? - you played pro where
Garret m?- should really be playing on northern Ireland

Next yr we will be back stronger and hopefully mike will cut these players!

A very upset ROI fan

Anonymous said...


a very happy ROI-hater

Anonymous said...

a very upset roi fan.. maybe you should play instead of all these players you want to cut? you seem to be oh so knowledgeable about the game. all of the players you listed would run circles around you.

A True Irish Fan