Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Quarterfinals Results

A great night of games and some fantastic endings. Ireland beat Germany 4-3 in the first overtime. Laos beat El Salvador 3-2 in regulation. Canada beat France in shoot-outs on the ninth shooter. Sudan came back against Poland for a 2-1 win in the second overtime. Full recaps will come in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha Riggs are you going to cry now. Probably. ES SUCKS. Jay Tomchuck what happened to you against Sudan. Saskatoon players were supposed to be soooo darn good. Yeah right ... Over hyped ... over rated. Good riddens.

Anonymous said...

You sir are retarded.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all suck indeed.

We played well, as did Poland, Germany and France in losses and the other 4 played well and found a way to win.

All in all a great couple weeks, looking forward to games tonight.


Anonymous said...

Post Ur name douche bag, I'll be Upstairs for the semis tonight if u feel like "chatting"


Anonymous said...

The reason Poland lost is because of Aleks, get rid of him and u will go further