Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Group D Breakdown

So pretty much anything can still happen in this group except for France getting eliminated. The only way that's possible is if France loses to Greece (so impossible). Here are some scenarios that assume France will beat Greece and Norway will beat South Korea:

El Salvador
Loses to France on Saturday - Needs to hope it's a close loss and then shit-pumps Norway on Sunday night. The Italy win against Greece makes it a three-way tie for second if ES loses then beats Norway. So goal differential will be in play and Norway gets South Korea on Monday night.
Ties France - Still needs to beat Norway on Sunday, but goal differential won't matter. If ES ties then wins, it will be ahead of Italy and Norway on points alone.
Beats France - Sitting good if its a big win, but if only ties Norway on Sunday then needs to pray Norway can't score many goals against South Korea. If it beats Norway then into the playoffs.
Ties or Loses to Norway on Sunday - Only way it gets through is if there is the previous win against France.

Beats El Salvador - Into the playoffs based on four wins and only one loss.
Ties El Salvador - Still into playoffs, assuming ES lost or tied to France. If ES beats France, then a tie means Norway will need something around 15 goals against South Korea on Monday night.
Loses to El Salvador - If ES loses to France then Norway STILL has a chance. Will probably need 20 goals against South Korea. If ES tied or beat France then Norway is out.

Pretty well done unless El Salvador loses to France by about 11+ and then only beats Norway by 1. And then Norway loses to South Korea or only scores one goal.


Anonymous said...

Braden you made an error:

" Beats France - Sitting good if its a big win, but if only ties Norway on Sunday then needs to pray Norway can't score many goals against Vietnam. If it beats Norway then into "

you mean South Korea, I take it. Vietnam is in group C

Playmaker said...

Haha. Yep. I had originally put Vietnam in every spot where South Korea should have been. Kept equating the Vietnamese with the team that was going to get scored against a ton. Should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Dog gone it Greece, at least get a tie!!!

Oh well it wasn't going to be an easy road anyway, may as well throw another big bump in it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks braden. I was hoping for a post like this somewhere.