Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Group C Breakdown

Yikes. The final games in this group could get ugly. Assuming Poland wins its final two games against Hungary and Vietnam, then its guaranteed playoffs. Germany and Nigeria are also still in playoff contention and their game Saturday night will decide which one advances. The ugly part is the goal differential that will come into play if Nigeria beats Germany.

Poland tied Nigeria in the first game for both teams, and until Nigeria loses or ties the only factor separating these two squads is goal differential. So in Poland's Saturday afternoon game against Hungary, goals are super important. And if Nigeria beats Germany, then Poland's game against Vietnam on Sunday means they'll need a ton. With two games remaining each, Nigeria has a +7 advantage on Poland for goals, plus Nigeria gets the final group game against Portugal on Monday.

Beat Germany - Into the playoffs with Poland assuming a win against Portugal and needs lots of goals to get 1st place in the group. That means crushing Portugal on Monday night.
Ties Germany - Into the playoffs as second place in the group because Germany lost to Poland.
Losese to Germany - Out of playoffs.

Beats Nigeria - Into playoffs as second place in the group because of the loss to Poland.
Ties Nigeria - Out of playoffs because Nigeria has the tie.
Loses to Nigeria - Out of playoffs for second straight year because couldn't get a point against Poland.


Anonymous said...

I was lookin at group c standings on your site, I know its not a big deal, but didn't Portugal have a win against Hungary?

Playmaker said...

Yeah, the standings can't be updated until Monday unfortunately. Having problems with the software that allows me to post them. I'll work on fixing it, but so far I haven't been able to. Just use the results that are listed lower down.