Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Day 17 Preview - Sun April 15

There are six games today but only two of them matter.

Ireland vs Scotland, 4 p.m. - I hope Scotland finishes this tournament on a good note. Ireland wins 7-2.

South Korea vs. Greece, 5 p.m. - Playoff for fifth and sixth in the group! Tie 0-0.

Poland vs Vietnam, 6 p.m. - Boring. Poland wins 10-0.

Sudan vs Serbia, 7 p.m. - Boring. Sudan wins 9-0.

Laos vs Canada, 8 p.m. - This could be interesting even though both teams are already into the playoffs. If Canada wins it gets first place in the group. Any other result and Laos gets first. I think Laos wants to go undefeated and Canada won't care either way. Laos wins 6-2.

Norway vs. El Salvador, 9 p.m. - Covered this in my preview. Should be a good one.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOO disappointed in the Scotland/Ireland game! After seeing Scotland come out strong in the first half against a VERY athletic Sudan team I was actually looking forward to them pushing the pace a little and not letting Ireland play their slow methodical pace...especially when I saw ROI's short bench. Unfortunately Scotland just sat back and let ROI do what they do...whip teams that let them.

Anonymous said...

es 5 norway 2 bye bye norway

Anonymous said...

X2 on the ROI game. After seeing the improvement in Scotland I was expecting a bit of a better game (not much of a different result, but at least a better pace to the game). Props to Scotland for doing well so far though. Everyone has an off game.

Anonymous said...

By slow methodical pace you mean not forcing the play, switching the attack and keeping possession? As that style of play shows the gaps between good and bad teams. Scotland is not a bad team, but they just don't have the skill to compete against an Ireland squad that had an obviously short bench that looked worse for wear.

Playmaker said...

Didn't see any games except Laos vs Canada and Norway vs ES. Post the other scores if you know them.

Anonymous said...

what was the score of ES/NOR?

Anonymous said...

Poland 13 Vietnam was BORING

Anonymous said...

Ireland 7 Scotland 1
Scotland scored nice free kick last minute

Greece 5 S Korea 3
I got to building as game ended so I assume Greece won, 5-3 was on scoreboard

Sudan 5 Serbia 4
Both teams fate were sealed regardless of the outcome but they played like it was the final. Sounds weird but I think this was honestly the best match I saw in the wcp this year. Serbia lead several times throughout the back and forth match. It was 4-3 late for Serbia, then Sudan got a beautiful goal with 2 minutes left and another nice finish with 30 seconds to go. Very entertaining and a lot of nice finishes both ways!

Canada 2 Laos 1
Saw most of first half, pretty boring to watch. I like that Tavis kid, very entertaining when he gets the ball, but otherwise looked like Laos was disinterested for some reason

Es 4 Norway 2
Pretty good game, Norway actually had the lead 2-1 fairly late in the game. Norways keeper doesn't know where to stand for free kicks (stood behind wall instead of on the open side) which gave us 2 easy goals. Norway worked hard and defended well. We finally started playing and getting good possession in the attacking 1/3 in the last ten minutes and took control of the game. Good close game like everyone thought it would be.

Poland 13 Vietnam 0
Worst game of the tournament, polski fans were the only entertainment.


Anonymous said...

"Boring. Sudan wins 9-0" Haha hearing what the norway blog had to say about our game really got us pumped before the game against Sudan. Likely one of the most entertaining games of the tournament. Stellar prediction

Playmaker said...

My bad for getting the result right and the score wrong. Can't be perfect about everything