Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Art Thou, South Korea?

Covered the Greeks. Will get to the Italians. Right now I can't stop thinking about the other team that Norway will need to have a guaranteed win against to make the playoffs. Who makes up the South Korean squad?

The Koreans are a new team for the 2012 WCP Cup and so far I haven't heard a thing about which players they'll have. For that matter, I'm not really aware of anyone in Regina Soccer who has openly been saying they were planning to start a South Korean team. Are they going to have top division players? Or will they comprise lower-division players that are motivated by national pride and representing their country more than the desire to win the tournament? Either reason is valid.

Personally, I'm glad we play South Korea in our final group game. No surprises that way. The last thing I want is to have to face a team like Sudan was in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Shut it down playmaker. Your blog is second rate.

Playmaker said...

Lol. The blog is doing great. Thanks for reading

Anonymous said...

I've post on this blog but no one replies to me! I shall take my blogging to a different blog if this one is now being shut down.
To you playmaker I say "We will never retreat, we will never surrender!"


Playmaker said...

I have a theory on why no one replies...
It's like the crazy guy walking down the street: Everyone avoids eye contact and just keeps their mouth shut because they know the conversation is going nowhere.
If you want people to reply then you need to make reasonable arguments.

Anonymous said...

why does norway suck so much? ha ha