Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uniform Declaration and Opening Ceremonies Walk-Through

Time for some final details for WCP Cup 2012:

Wednesday March 28 is the big night for getting everything in order. Teams will need a couple reps on hand to do uniform declaration, hang the country flag and get a crash course on the opening ceremonies.

  • Need to bring the full set of both the home and away jerseys. So both tops, both shorts, and both socks. If both teams want to wear the same colours then the Away team gets first dibs.
  • Need to be there to hang the flag. I'm not sure why a rep is required for this as there is zero ceremony involved and there are two volunteers there helping to do it anyways. Maybe to make sure they don't deface your country's flag before they hang it up?
  • Need to have someone listen about where, when, and how the opening ceremonies will happen. Since there are games happening right afterwards, this is actually kind of important. They left the Ireland vs Sudan game until 10:30 that night, so if we want to get out of the facility before midnight then everything needs to run like clockwork.
  • Need to remember to get your team a flag for the actual opening ceremonies. You have to haul it out there so that everyone can see and the organizers don't provide that one.

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Anonymous said...

You guys should have seen Serbia the other night. Wow they suck.