Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rosters Due

This was the day I was going to post Norway's final roster for the 2012 WCP Cup. Would that I could. Until we submit our paperwork tonight I don't know exactly who is good to play and who decided to sit this year out.

I do know that we're likely to only have 17 guys this year, which is one less than we wanted. However, we do have all our positions filled so we should be better-rounded than in 2011 when we were short any true striker.

I'm also pretty optimistic about our midfield. It's going to be one of our strengths again and any team with a decent midfield in this tournament has a better-than-average chance to succeed. Whether or not we can keep the ball out of the net and avoid a loss like we had to Ireland last year will ultimately decide how well the team does.


Anonymous said...

heres my roster the Denver Broncos with Tebow and Manning, unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Shut up no one cares about American football

Anonymous said...

Your ROSTER is full of losers DUFUS. You guys will suck out there. Nice players you have. They are all old and washed up. They BLOW minus your brother and Cooper.