Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ireland 3, Sudan 2

All right folks, didn't quite make it to this game last night. Had a poker game go significantly later than expected and I had to tough it out. Put yourself in my shoes and ask whether you would take $100 to NOT watch the game. Yeah, I took the money and I ran with it. My bad.

The original account I heard about the game was apparently wrong. I got the score correct but that was it. Here's a succinct breakdown - Ireland got got out to an early lead, then made it 3-0 on Ryan McCallister's amazing volley which was apparently goal-of-the-tournament worthy already. Shame on anyone who missed it. Sudan came back and made it close, but not really. I'll be there for tonight's games anyways.


Anonymous said...

Sudan never had the lead. Sudan trailed 3-0 at one point.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. I didn't see you at the games last night Braden. You either came later, or you were drunk. Sudan came from behind dude.

Great soccer to watch. Potential highlight of the tournament by the ROI guy who volley the ball outside the box. Sick goal.

Sudan made the game fun for everyone to watch. A nice bicycle could have made it 3-3. I wish it would have gone in. So close!

I believe Sudan plays again tonight. We'll wait and see what happens cause they tend to sometimes play down to teams like Columbia last year.

Anonymous said...

You have to really respect ROI.
With the rules being the way they are, the game heavily favored the Sudanese strengths as their height and aerial presence is second to none.
With that being said, ROI had to play a game where their two center backs had to match up in the air.
It looked like the ROI players were maybe 5'11 and 5'7 going up against two 6'5 strikers. Although that is quite the height discrepancy, ROI managed to battle in the air and grind out a win.

As a fan the game was exciting but I don't know how exciting it was for ROI players as the ball traveled from on 18 yard box, to the another.

Anonymous said...

It was a great game to watch I've never seen Ireland defend that much in a game before, so it was nice seeing them on the other side, they absolutely had nothing going on in second half and they should thank Jonah for some saves in second half