Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandparents Crying about $100 Tournament Pass

Wow. It's even worse than last year if you can believe it. The cost of a tournament pass for the 2012 WCP Cup is $100. Or only $85 if you happen to be one of the lucky few to have the time to get your hands on a pass three days before the tournament starts (limited quantity of course). If you can only get there on Friday, or if you don't have the right connections for the limited presale - tough luck.

So let's see: $85 was the cost for the pass in 2011 and it didn't include the final day, which was $10. If the 2012 price structure is the same (no idea if it will be or not) then Nana and Papa could end up forking over $220 to watch the grandkids play this year. Sounds like fun.

I personally get chapped about the whole $900 team registration fee. But really, that's peanuts compared to the tournament pass. Up to 20 players can be on a team roster. It only takes 9 spectators to equal that same amount. Still no idea what a single day pass will be either.


Anonymous said...

I know this tournament is fun but it's moving in the same direction as Regina soccer assocition so soon ppl aren't gonna show up to games which will be a blow to the organizers, I know Kevin is done a great job but who ever is advising him on this should be fired, or put up a financial statement to show us were the money is spent

Anonymous said...

Nana and Papa will come watch your 5 games at $7 for adult admission. Their $35 bucks each for 5 nights away from the care home and the carmel pudding is a far cry from $220.
Nana and Papa won't be going to watch all the other teams play and won't need to worry about the playoffs for teams like Norway, so really, what are you complaining about?

As for the first comment, WCP is a private group. If they want to make money by putting on an event, good for them. How arrogant and self absorbed are you that you feel you are entitled to know where the money goes. Do you walk into a a movie theatre and demand to know where the money goes? No, they are a private business charging what the market can handle. If you are not appreciating the event at the prices charged, be a big boy and prove that the market does not support those prices by not attending or participating.

Also, the comment about those advising Kevin is pretty disrespectful to Kevin. Are you saying he is too stupid to make a decision on his own? Every year people talk about how rediculous the prices are and every year the place is packed. Seems pretty obvious as to who is correct in this situation.

Anonymous said...

If you do the math just based on the hours used up for the floor time that's about $25,000 alone at the discounted $180/hour rate. And that's just based on the flat out game times. Whether Kevin pays that rate or not who knows. I also overheard him talking about the costs and he said he was also being charged some crazy insurance fee from RSA that he doesn't actually need and a few other things. If people have a beef with the costs of this tournament I would be more inclined to see what RSA is nickel and diming Kevin on more than directing the issue towards Kevin.

Anonymous said...

true Kevin should not be blamed for this, i mean the guy came with a good idea which now opportunist see as a way of robbing us, just imagine you pay to play,your parents are charged to watch and we don't even have insurance, me as a simply guy i have started to wonder what benefit do i actually get from this? i mean c'mon RSA.

Anonymous said...

Also, totally agree with Anon 8:47...if Kevin is making money from this, then good for him. If you don't like it, don't put up the $900 for your team, or don't pay for a pass. No one is forcing you to come out.

Anonymous said...

Typical Dufus post, making an argument before all the facts are laid out!
If you haven't seen the Chico commercial I recommend it! (WCPblog 2)

Playmaker said...

That's the thing about the passes - all of the available facts are in the post. Organizers still haven't released how much a single day pass will cost, they haven't said how much the final will cost, and they haven't said whether or not the cost of the final will be included in the tournament pass.
What happens if you buy an early pass and then find out the cost for the final haas been jacked to $20 and its not included? That would suck. When the costs of the tournament aren't made clear, and aren't made well in advance, everyone has the right to complain.

Anonymous said...

That pass gets you into 3 full weeks of soccer, that's less than a dollar a game. If you don't like it don't pay. Complain all you want about it, but it doesn't make a difference. Obviously the cost is justified or people would stop buying passes. If a soccer team registers for league play they are never informed of the exact costs of going to Nationals in advance until they qualify as well. It's the way it goes.

And if Nana and Papa can't afford it, then Nana and Papa can just come watch a regular league game if they want to watch the grandkids play. Your argument is the same as saying Nana and Papa are mad that they have to pay $200 to watch little Johnny play a game in the NHL so the NHL should make cheaper tickets for them because they are old. There is entertainment value in this tournament and entertainment costs money.

Playmaker said...

Hmmm. Pretty sure the WCP Cup is nowhere near the level of the NHL. WCP has billed this tournament as a multicultural event and it has reached out to make this an annual thing for certain communities in Regina. It has even partnered with the Mosaic festival because both organizations preach the same kind of goal. The difference is a Mosaic pass costs about $12 and lets you see everything. WCP costs you $100 and probably won't get you into the final. Something about the multicultural message seems a bit off when that happens.

Anonymous said...

$100??? Wow!!!

I've never heard of an amateur soccer tournament costing more to watch then it would cost to play? What a rip off considering there are only a handful of teams worth watching.

Do players always get in free? Even for the final if they didn't make it?


Anonymous said...

The people that are to blame here are the RSA and EVRAZ. The RSA for building our facility and getting charged the costs for renting. Stupid idiots. Also for making the costs so ridiculous for all this insurance crap. Kevin is trying his best to deal with these RSA retards who everyone hates. People can't afford this anymore. Who wants to dork out $500 bucks for a family. Most families only come to their kids games anyways. So do the math ... 5 games for $500bucks. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anon March 28, 2012 10:35 AM do you even know what you are talking about. This aint the NHL. No one is getting paid. Also there are some shitty games that go on. Who wants to sit around and watch those and waste money. Give me a break buddy. Your probably some stupid RSA employee who sits around and does nothing. What a joke this organization called the RSA is becoming. A very hated organization that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

What prices have been increased? The price has been on the website for weeks now...lets go to math class children!

$85 in 2011($85 divided by 21)
$7 per day in 2011(21 times $7)
$85 in 2012 ($85 divided 22 days)
$7 in 2012 (22 days times $7)

$900 per team to register to play 5 games with an allowable 23 players available on your roster(Whats $900 divided by 23). $200 to play in RSA league 10-12 games..not sure the roster max?
All i know is they charge them rent for half the field for a full field price during the time when it would be empty... and RSA continues to tell us at our RSA board meetings that they have a partnership with the WCP?

Here's a big Secret: your fees to play in this tournament have always been determined well before WCP is presented with the cost for rent so they can't even set your fees to cover the costs because RSA takes so long to confirm the rental times and costs per hour. If they were to wait you would still not know your fees today.

Referees(including "Play Faker") get paid for every game more than they do in the regular RSA season.

For every new player a minimum $46 dollars...has the tournament grown?
have there been new players every year? so add more $46 fees for?

How many teams book facility time for training and exhibition games even at 10 and 11 pm at night.

WCP makes no money from alcohol or concessions.They are not even allowed to sell Almonds at Evraz!!

All the sports shops and clothing stores make a profit every year from old teams and new teams buying product in their store, i know for a fact not a single dime goes back to the tournament.

What I understand is that people like the dudes on Norway hate people that are successful and will sit around and micro analyze every detail and present it in the most negative manner.Those dudes were the same way since they have played youth.

If it were up to me I would have an invite only tournament and just get rid of all the negative players/teams..who really gives a shit if they play or not Norway is turning into the Ireland we used to hate.

I have been in the RSA for several years and still shake my head everyday at the way we treat some of the people that are trying to grow soccer!! If someone is trying to make money from academies, camps or tournaments and its growing the game in a positive manner then why not support it...success breeds success money generates money!
We need to start putting a value on the soccer in order to be taken seriously!

Playmaker said...

That's an interesting comment and its almost in-depth. It's like a poor summary of what everyone already knows, and then you wrapped it up in a criticism of the blog. Math class indeed!

You forgot to even mention that the non pre-sale pass is actually $100 so obviously the price did go up. And it's interesting the WCP only realeased the cost now, after rosters are due. Because it would have been cheaper for a spectator to get on some random teams' roster and just paid the RSA registration (only $90) and used the team pass to watch games. When your pass is more expensive than the RSA, something is wrong.

Other misinformation - Playmaker is not reffing the WCP Cup, so you're wrong about that. Also wrong about the referee fees. And nobody has heard what the single day price will be for admission because that hasn't been released. Might be $7, might not be.

Not sure why you comment on the clothing and alcohol, as that was never an issue. The last point about Norway not wanting anyone to do well - untrue. There's always a place for criticism and someone to play devil's advocate. Without scrutiny there is no accountability. Just because there is an opposite opinion doesn't mean that opinion is inherently negative.