Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Preview: Group A

The Contenders: There are two teams that everyone is excited to see, and those two teams play each other in the first game of the tournament. Ireland vs Sudan is a matchup of two athletic, skillful teams. Sudan was the most exciting squad in 2011 in terms of sheer unpredictability. The players rise to the occasion when the crowd is on their side, but somehow disappoint when the atmosphere is less electric. Ireland is about as consistent as any team could hope to be. Four-time champions will always be a tournament favourite even if they have lost a few key players. I think Ireland will win this game handily, but I expect Sudan to score some nice goals. Ireland 6-4.

The Challengers: HUGE drop-off in quality after Ireland and Sudan, which is unfortunate because those two teams are significantly more entertaining against quality opposition. I'll give Serbia a nod and say that they're a possible challenger, but deep down I don't actually believe they'll make the playoffs. There are some decent players on Serbia, but only enough that they won't finish at the bottom.

The Pretenders: There are going to be some snoozer games in this group and unfortunately for the next three teams, they'll be the ones providing the service. Botswana, Scotland and Somalia are going to have a rough time in 2012 and the only reason they'll record points is because someone has to get them. Scotland was the whipping boy of Group D in 2011 and faired miserably. Botswana has regressed from being an OK, but never good team. Somalia is a new squad still trying to figure out who should play where and what the team strengths are. Thankfully there are three other groups to come.

Predicted Order of Finish
1. Ireland
2. Sudan
3. Serbia
4. Scotland
5. Botswana
6. Somalia


Anonymous said...

Scotland has improved greatly since last year. They certainly will be no match for ROI or Sudan, but they won't be the "whipping boy" his tournament.

I watched Serbia play last night and they got worked over by N. Ireland (trust me, this isn't a compliment to N. Ireland) in an absolutely brutal first half. Div. 6 soccer at it's best! I couldn't handle sticking around for the second half. They have a couple decent shooters, but they'll need it as defensively they are a mess. Bee swarm soccer and no structure or leadership in the back.

I would say 3rd place in this pool is anyone's to take (other than Somalia who apparently is pretty bad). As long as Sudan doesn't have a game like they did against Colombia last year the opening day match of ROI/SUD will decide who takes #1 and #2 spot in this pool as both teams should breeze through all the other teams. With Sudan apparently upgrading in a few areas like goalkeeping and more my pick goes to them winning the opener if hey are on their game.

Anonymous said...

With David brow not playing, I think the scoring of Ireland will decrease too which could be a good thing for the sake of the tournament , am hoping for a great opening men's game

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count out Botswana to the anon. poster at the top. You forget that in recent years they have come up big against some teams that were supposed to beat them.

Anonymous said...

Even with out David Brown Ireland could pump 8 goals past any of these teams.

Anonymous said...

Ireland will score as many goals as they want, the only team that can stop them would be Poland because we have the best goalie in wcp and we have the best attacking strikers in the entire tournament so I know deep down no team wants to play us including ROI

Anonymous said...


Mike Newton

Anonymous said...

biased opinion from a bias referee what a jerk.

Playmaker said...

Ha. Not sure how this is bias. Its opinion based on past results

Anonymous said...

1. Rumors are speculating that Julio who recently switched teams from ES to ROI is going to get beat by nemerous players who have more skill.

2. Julio has been chirping and telling numerous wcp cup committee members that he will win the golden boot, but what he fails to remember is that he is a nonbody and Collins is only using him to fill the void on defense. Someone has to get made an example of, so why not Julio FOOLIO.

3. Julio claims that he is the best defender in the tournament and has recently went down to CBC NEWS trying to get his name out there only to be laughed at. Julio went home crying. A source within the news station also noticed that Julio had pooped his pants on the way out because the smell coming from him was enough to evacuate the buidling. Some people are hoping Collins gets him a few dipers before he plays on Friday as he might shit himself again and the smell may chase all of the fans away. Other sources have told me that he was wearing white pants which quickly turned brown while he was on his way out of the building.

Keep it classy Regina. More news to follow.

-God of War

Anonymous said...

I like watching Botswana play. I think they will finish in either 2nd or 3rd in this pool. They are entertaining to watch. Makes for a fun time.