Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Preview: Group D

The Contenders: Four playoff teams from 2011 makes Group D this year's Group of Death. Two former champions also makes it the group with arguably the best winning heritage. That said, not every team has a legitimate playoff chance. France should manage to get through based on pure talent. While France has lost a few key players, it should still manage to get big wins. Norway is the other team that always seems to manage to make the playoffs. It doesn't matter what the odds might be, Norway is always good for some seemingly-surprising victories.

The Challengers: El Salvador had a great showing in 2011 but the loss of Jordian Farahani will be a major blow. Combine that with the fact ES has never beaten Norway and the South Americans will be hard pressed to advance. Greece rode crowd momentum to a respectable finish in 2011 but there's no way that luck repeats. If the Greeks get even a point out of any game against France, Norway or El Salvador, I'll be shocked.

The Pretenders: Two teams that will have a tough tournament are Italy and South Korea. The Koreans are new to the tournament and are unlikely to be able to handle the pressure. The Italians are in the pretenders group every year because they combine a little skill with a big attitude. It's tough to beat disciplined teams when your team is void of that same discipline.

Predicted Order of Finish
1. France
2. Norway
3. El Salvador
4. Greece
5. Italy
6. South Korea


Ryan said...

Good post Brayden. And good luck Saturday again the Greeks. The pot has officially been stirred and I can't wait to see the result.

Jimi Cabylis Snr Coach Team Hellas said...

Hey mouth peice, keep your bullshit comments to yourself. We will see you on the pitch Sat night. Enough said. Cant wait to get reunited.

Anonymous said...

Wow Norway finishing above ES? Your dreaming.

Anonymous said...

South Korea

Anonymous said...

wow im excited about Sudan Vs Ireland game, so much expectations from the two sides.

Anonymous said...


ES 3 0 2
FRA 3 0 2
GRE 3 0 2
NOR 2 3 0
ITA 1 4 0
S.KOR 0 5 0

It will be close.

Anonymous said...

i heard the rugby players of greece will be out to injure people. watch out norway, hope you have a deep bench. they are willing to get red cards just to see you in pain. Good luck .

Playmaker said...

Well yeah, isn't that the Greece strategy for every game though? We're aware it will be a physical game. Thankfully, the team that scores more goals wins instead of the team that commits the most fouls.

Anonymous said...

Norway will not make it to the playoffs this year. Not a chance. ES will destory you and so will France.

Nice try though Dufus.

You rating system for all these groups is flawed and stupid. It's all biased and I bet you base it on the friendly games you have seen.

Anonymous said...

When doesn't Greece come out trying to hurt people. When you're most skilled player is a 5'6 250lb meatball, you have to rely on brute force. The rumours are likely true that they are coming out to hurt the Norway guys but problem with that plan is they'd actually have to catch them first.

Anonymous said...

Catch them, excuse me, fast teams cant play against greece- Laos -always close, es in the past ,greece hasnt lost to ES ever in wcp. france 4-4 last year(greece should of won) Nigeria- we destroyed. cmon dufus, at least give the greeks some credit, if anything, they know how to stop the fast teams. thats obvious, the greeks have more of a chance to lose to south korea than they do to norway.

Anonymous said...

Norway, your tournament is over after you play France. goodbye losers!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha love it. I hope ROI plays Greece and that loser Julio Diaz gets his ass beat down.

-God of War

Anonymous said...

God of War, why you even posting man? You keep making yourself look even more like a tool everyday! SHUT UP

Anonymous said...

El Salvador is in central America not south

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure el salvador is in mexico.. central mexico

CL Botsy said...

lol to that