Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Most Competitive WCP Cup Yet?

So we're finally into the homestretch - just over two weeks until the 2012 WCP Cup begins. It's too early for predictions, but its just right to start getting excited for big games and possible outcomes. Exactly one month away from super weekend when three of four groups will be decided.

Take a close look at the 2012 schedule and one thing really pops out. Every group except Group A has a legitimate chance to be wide open. In Group B, Laos has to be worried about Canada, Jamaica and Afghanistan. In Group C there's Poland, Nigeria and Germany. And in Group D we get four 2011 playoff teams in El Salvador, France, Greece and Norway.

At the very least we're in for 16 quality round robin games when you count the opener of Sudan vs Ireland. Sure there will be tons of boring ones mixed in, but at least we've got the main ones compressed to weekend nights. Props to the scheduler for knowing enough to give all the spectators at least a bit of a life and letting us skip out on week day games.

I'm pumped. This could be the best tournament yet.


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