Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Day 1 Preview - Fri March 30

Only one game in the schedule today but its a good one and is must-see for any fan of the tournament. It's a Group A match between defending champion Ireland and 2011 upstart Sudan. Ireland has lost three key goal-scorers from last year but it shouldn't have much trouble replacing that output. Ireland has always had a wealth of talent and it has four titles to show for it. Sudan showed last year that it also has a great deal of talent and is capable of scoring some amazing goals. If Sudan returns the same team as 2011 then Ireland could be hard-pressed to match up with speed in the midfield. That speed was what undid El Salvador and its really unparalled by any other WCP squad. That said, Ireland aren't the champs for nothing and I fully expect them to take care of business tonight. The crowd should be big, the atmosphere should be electric, and Ireland should win. Shamrocks 6-4. Actual score was Ireland 3-2.


Anonymous said...

Not a chance. Sudan 4 Ireland 2.

End of story.

Julio will piss his pants and go off the field crying like a little panty school girl. He'll miss a couple key tackles.

Mike Collins will miss some key free kicks cause he's too busy trying to compare himself to Beckham. What a joke.

Sudan takes it.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sudan did get a new goal keeper if not forget it how ever good a team might be, it all comes down to the last man and that's why Ireland , Poland , Laos are the favorites to win every game they play

Anonymous said...

The fever for tonight is already high, damn it i will rather apologise at work on monday.

Anonymous said...

Little panty school girl? Is that a compliment or an insult? What exactly does that mean? Sounds like the God of War posting again but he went back to forgetting to leave his name as the guy is a complete dud.

Anonymous said...

God of war is Kapila. I saw him texting on his phone last night.