Monday, February 27, 2012

Time to Get Serious

Now that I'm back from Hawaii it's time to get serious about the WCP Cup again. I'm sure every team has been following a strict fitness plan, so now its time to kick mine into full gear. Time to cut back on beer and fast food and instead only drink hard alcohol and eat Subway. The sacrifices will be difficult, but its been five years since Norway won the championship and I'm all about the team. No pain, no game. I'm going to start considering possibly following that motto.

Its also almost time to start scrutinizig rosters. There are plenty of rumours afloat about who is on which team, but I'm thinking I'll give it another week before I start posting any real predictions.

In the meantime, I'm going to start a Twitter feed with the sole purpose of posting game updates during the tournament. I appreciate drunk texts just as much as the next person.

Since I'm incredibly indecisive, I'll post a poll as to what my Twitter handle should be.


Anonymous said...

Can you stay in Hawaii. Then this blog won't function and your team won't either. :)

Anonymous said...

No Braden needs to write more on his blog, that's why people aren't really fired up into the blogs like they've been in the past!!!!!

Oh wait, it was never Braden's blogging that caused people to come on here and now it's more evident than ever. Although I am not a fan of the guy, I almost want Julio back on these blogs to bring out the best in us Regina folk!

Anonymous said...

I'd be cautious about any twitter handle referring to WCP other than your @NorwayWCP. stuff like voiceofWCP or WCP_insider might get the legal folks coming out of the woodworks again.

Also, NorwayWCPChamps is a little misleading...Norway hasn't been a legit contender other than their one year of glory.

Playmaker said...

Major reason I haven't been blogging as much is because I've been too busy. Not as informed as last year so its tough.

And the Twitter handle can be whatever. As much as they wish, WCP can't own everything so there won't be legal issues if I choose a WCP-centric name.