Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Commenting Guidelines

A few quick and easy rules to follow if you want to keep your comments on the blog...

1. Don’t be racist, sexist, fascist or post anything in overly bad-taste.
2. Don’t be over-the-top harsh on specific people. If you criticize, back it up with relevant evidence.
3. Don’t call out anonymous posters unless you’re willing to post your own name.
4. Don’t troll the comments section. Make your point and then let other people make theirs.
5. Keep it short and sweet. If you want to post something long get your own blog.
6. Don’t post links without asking permission.
7. Don’t mention anything about people’s personal lives unless it is 100% relevant to the tournament.
8. Don’t impersonate other people. It’s crude and unfunny.
9. Back up rumours with evidence of where you heard it.
10. Don’t bash referees. Take responsibility for your teams’ performance.

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