Friday, October 7, 2011

Major Team Changes for WCP Cup 2012

The teams for the 2012 version of the WCP Cup have been released and its immediately clear that there's going to different look when the tournament rolls along in April.

Seven of the 24 teams that competed in the 2011 tournament are gone for 2012, with only two new teams (so far) stepping up to take their place. I wanted to write a farewell ode like I did for Chile last year, but seven teams is at least five teams too many for me to put in the effort. The seven teams not returning are:

1. Austria; 2. England; 3. Sierra Leone; 4. Serbia; 5. Botswana; 6. Canada; 7. Ukraine.

Interesting to note is three of the teams were ones in Group B, which got pummeled by Ireland and Norway, and two of the teams were in Group D, which was hyper-competitive. The most surprising by far is that Canada is out after making the playoffs in 2011.

The two new teams signing up are Vietnam and South Korea. Good luck to both on their debuts in the tournament. Hopefully they can provide as much entertainment as Sudan did in 2011.


Anonymous said...

I bet you any money of those teams will register, they probably forgot the money but yet they probably bought all the booze they could in the summer, funny how some people spend there money.

Anonymous said...

I'm told Canada has a team and is registered....

Anonymous said...

"pummeled by Norway"...Is this Just for Laughs Comedy Tour blog???

Anonymous said...

I've also heard that Canada has registered as well...they also have some major changes (appearently the Dooley's are not involved with the team anymore).

Kirk O'Dooley said...

I can confirm that the Dooley's are no longer involved with Canada. I am no longer involved with soccer and my brother Shawn still is yet to pick a team to play with.

As far as Canada is concerned, we have heard various rumors that Tim Caleval has picked the team back up and will be coaching again. We have also heard it is player run.

Thought I would give one last comment.

Good luck to all!