Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Games

We're starting off a decent weekend of games tonight when Poland plays Ukraine at 7:30 p.m. An interesting time slot for sure, considering the best games are usually later, but I guess this gives us all the chance to start getting tipsy a little earlier than planned. This game will give us a true sense of both teams. Was Poland lucky to beat Germany? Is Ukraine good or is Scotland just that bad? How will the group look after each plays only their second contest?

On Saturday we get Sudan vs. Colombia at 6 p.m., and Germany vs Jamaica at 7 p.m. The first game will be fun because we'll get to see Sudan for the third time in a week. The second will be interesting because it's essentially a must-win for both teams. Lose, and its highly unlikely you're coming out of Group D. You've got to love it when two legit playoff hopefuls could be eliminated after only two games. Maybe stick around for Botswana vs Nigeria at 10 p.m.

Sunday night is the best of all. From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. its all entertaining soccer. It goes Sudan vs Austria, Canada vs Poland, Norway vs Sierra Leone, Germany vs Ukraine, France vs Greece and Afghanistan vs Botswana.

Group D could be crystal clear by the end of Sunday. Or it could be completely up in the air. Imagine if Ukraine beats Poland, Germany beats Jamaica and Ukraine, and Poland beats Canada. Wow. We'd have Germany, Canada, Ukraine and Poland all at 2-1. I love it.


Anonymous said...

After watching a couple games on Thursday night and Friday night,I think this tournament should be under major evaluation.

France and ROI have been crushing teams 7+ goals difference, which makes me think if I was playing on any of those teams that got crushed,I would not want to come back next year to play in it, whats the point of coming out and getting hammered 14-0? Ya I understand you need as many goals as possible in case you end up tied for 1st place, but I really hope the WCP committe should implicate a standard of level play in this tournament to make it competitive.

I would suggest a pre qualifying tournament first in order.

Anonymous said...

I would like to talk about the ALL the blow outs not just ROI or France blowouts but lots of them from lots of teams.

BTW I do not even play in the tournament. I enjoy watching the talent level that seems to get better and better each year in this tournament. Its has been suggested that some teams can't recruit , that is a cop out on not really trying very hard .It has been suggested a limit on how many out of town players or on a per team basis , more on that latter. Do we want to make this tournament better or water it down. The better players come to the better tournaments.

Next thing I would suggest to stop possible limit the blow outs is NO MORE random draw , creating a cake walk for some and group of death as its called for others. Base the draw off last years rankings with any new teams being lowest rank. Example pool A 1,5,9,13,17,21 , Pool B 2,6,10,14,18,22 and so on. This should create a more balanced draw each year. Last time I checked you get better by playing against better players than playing water downed soccer. Suggesting things like restricting how many out of town players and trying to get more Regina players involved. I do agree more needs to be down to ensure teams entered are competitive , new teams however tend to take their lumps in the beginning. You don't find ways to make a good team worse , you find ways to make yourself and your team better to compete.

I have a son who plays on one of the top teams in the mens draw. He doesn't play much . However he says he could play more for another team but chooses to play for the supposed better team , why ? Well because he learns more skills from the better players on that team , which has improved his play and he wants a chance to win . Winning isn't everything but ONE of the reasons one is playing , right ! Better players make one try harder to be a better player and make it a better tournament.

Hoping the tournament doesn't take a step backwards on restricting out of town players and who they can play for , I can watch Regina talent anytime here. Make YOUR team better , isn't that what the better teams have already done. What if Canada wins , will people complain they have an advantage with player options via Heritage. I say May the best team win PERIOD ! It is a tournament , sour grapes are for losers , be a winner , get better to be a better player .



Anonymous said...

I agree I think some teams are not recruiting hard enough because there just "friends" clicks such as former teams Chile, I mean if Chile wanted a real good team they can definately get a good team goin if they do some simple recruiting from out of the city, I know for a fact there are quality players in Edmonton and Calgary that are Chilean, Portugal could do a decent job if they went to Winnipeg theres a huge Portuguese Community there. I mean look at Ukraine all they did was went to Yorkton and Yorkton is very well known to be Ukrainian town. All you have to do is just spread the word around and good players will reply back, If sudan, sierra leonne can get players from B.C., Ontario, Alberta i dont see why cant other teams do the same

Anonymous said...

because people work and its hard to find someone with 3 weeks off to play in a soccer tournament in REGINA and not only 3 weeks in April but its during an important part of University. I cant beleive ppl from outta province can even make it for this whole tournament, seems a lil rediculous but if they can afford the trip to the Queen City for a soccer tourny then by all means do it up cuz its worth it!!

Anonymous said...

its not hard all you have to say is this

"are you interested playing in the wcp cup tournament"

"yes, we can accomdiate you"

"yes, we will pay for your gas money to come down and play(40 bucks wow)"

"yes, there is drinking/partying"

and if your smart enough you dont charge them for jersey kit

and there you have it people how to recruit out of town players, u brainless donkeys