Thursday, April 28, 2011

WCP Cup 2011 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We've wrapped up a great tournament. Let's go over some of the things that made WCP Cup 2011 a memorable one (and it was memorable).

The Good - El Salvador managed to take Republic of Ireland to shootouts in a semifinal that many thought could be a blowout.
The Bad - The men's and women's finals featured the exact same teams as 2010. No mix-up in teams made it less interesting.
The Ugly - Ireland destroyed pretty much everyone except for El Salvador. Even in the final the score flattered Laos.

The Good - Group D provided a steady diet of very good games that always meant something for the outcome of the pool.
The Bad - Neither of the teams coming out of Group D sniffed the final or showed they could contend with Ireland.
The Ugly - Scotland ended up getting mercilessly pounded in every game. Yikes.

The Good - Sudan surprised everyone with a strong showing in the tournament opener against Laos and a great win against El Salvador.
The Bad - Nobody really remembers about Sudan because they lost to Colombia(!) and didn't advance out of the group.
The Ugly - Judging by their two best games, Sudan had a legit chance to challenge Ireland on pure athletic ability. We'll never know.

The Good - If you were a player, coach or manager, you got into every game for free.
The Bad - If you were a fan you paid $7 per day and $10 to watch the final.
The Ugly - I'm 99% certain that prices will go up again next year. So get ready.

The Good - The referees during the Group Stage were consistent and called things like they were meant to be called.
The Bad - There were some heated games in the playoffs that maybe could've been handled better.
The Ugly - Teams and players blaming the referees for losing. Suck it up - nobody wants to hear it.

The Good - The blogs that operate (with or without the support of the organizers) provided an entertaining and enlightening look at the games on a nearly daily basis.
The Bad - Things sometimes got a little heated between blog owners and tournament organizers.
The Ugly - People who go on the blogs to attack the blog owners anonymously. Congratulations, you're officially a coward with no sense of self or an appreciation for originality or freedom of expression. The lowest form of blog commenter, and yes, there are many low forms.


Anonymous said...

Ireland vs. Poland would have been a sick final. Too bad it didn't happen. I didn't think EL Sal looked all that great. They did however come out for the Ireland game. Poland was a much better team. I'm hoping maybe next yer the Polish will play in the final. I enjoyed watching them and the fans were great. POLSKA GOALA!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how we can play a whole season of indoor for just over $250.00 per player and for this WCP CUP tournament each player pays over $100.00 depending on the team. Your point about the rental costs make no sense if you look at my point. Also to get a pass to watch for the indoor season it's $20.00. Not $85.00 like WCP charges. If you ask me, people have to valid points at all. I agree with the people who are concerned with the prices. Something is a bit sketchy here. You can easily LOWER the prices. THINK ABOUT IT. You can make it more than affordable. Look at regular RSA pricing during a long indoor season. WOW. Makes me wonder and also makes me want to shake my head at all the stupid people thinking the prices can't be lowered.

Anonymous said...

Norway sucks!