Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sudan 6, El Salvador 3

Wowza! What a fantastic game. A Wednesday night at the 2011 WCP Cup and we were all treated to easily the most entertaining game of the tournament so far. Better than Germany vs Poland, better than Greece vs Nigeria, and better than Laos vs Sudan.

Both teams played well. I know it's a three goal spread, but take my word for it that El Salvador actually looked really good on Wednesday. They played fairly well at the back, decent in midfield and very good up front and in the attacking midfield. El Salvador's keeper also had a good game until he was hung out to dry at the end when they were pushing.

But now let's focus on Sudan. So big, so fast and so skilled. And tonight they really showed a flair that was missing in the opener. The Sudanese were taking shots from everywhere, creating chances off of the dribble and displaying some pretty amazing aerial skills. The third goal for Sudan (which notched it a 3-3) was an incredible header from a corner kick. The Sudan guy jumped, easily got more vert than the guy marking him, and put the header perfectly into the corner. The final three goals for Sudan were all impressive. Pretty passing and clinical finishing.

It's important to note that El Salvador did lead 3-1 with about 15 minutes left in the game. All three of El Salvador's goals were nice: a good header, a great pass and shoot, and a rocket from far out. Sudan was just better tonight though. You deserve to win when you can score 5 in a short period of time, whip the crowd into a frenzy, and stake claim as most entertaining game so far.


Anonymous said...

i will never miss any Sudanese game,what a game to watch yesterday wow.

Antonio said...

Unreal game, one of the best first round games in wcp history!

Anonymous said...

wow this team is scary to play rite now, the last goal they scored was unreal almost entire team against 1 s player, thats the best counter attack ive seen in this tournament, everyone who hasnt seen Sudan play, check the schedule and go check them out