Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poland Preview - Wednesday 10:30 p.m.

The moment of reckoning has arrived. Is Norway legit, or just another Greece, waiting to get bounced in the quarterfinals? That's what tonight's 2011 WCP Cup game against Poland will decide. I think Poland has already proven they belong, but Norway still needs that one big win.

And I honestly think we've got the chops to do it. Yes, the Ireland game was bad, but Ireland is going to make everyone look bad sooner or later. Poland is a different team, with a different style, and significantly different players. If any team plays to Norway's advantage, it's Poland. Mind you, the Poles probably think the exact same way about Norway.

This will be a defensive game first and foremost. Poland has a strong back line and Norway does too when it isn't getting destroyed by set pieces. Both teams can keep shooters from getting open looks and walking into the box. Both teams also have a strong midfield presence that doesn't get pulled out of position and usually doesn't take bad fouls.

What it's going to come down to is which team gets the lucky bounce after working its ass of for the entire game. Poland hasn't had that happen to it yet and Norway can't seem to get any. I'm crossing my fingers that this is the one game where the tables get turned. Norway will win this one 3-2.


Anonymous said...

Norway aint going past Poland. It's time to prepare for next year Braden.

Anonymous said...

well yet again another yr of fake teams are eliminated early and thank god, now they can go drink beers and discuss how they can improve next yr but it wont matter because they will alway be horrible, yes you Norway,Greece,Canada go back to Div 3 or 4, whatever garbage league you play and keep trying


Anonymous said...

Can you make a thanks for coming out norway edition

Anonymous said...

How about a norway blows edition.

Anonymous said...

With that showing against Poland it proves Norway would not have even made it out of group D

hellas united said...

so france is ranked 5th
greece 6th
norway 7th
canada 8th

if you do it by points

So i guess Greece is better than Norway.

Anonymous said...

Braden, What is your excuse this time? Have you finally accepted the fact that you are not as good as you thought you were? Just because you had an easy pool is the only reason why Norway made it to the QF however Norway had no business in the QF. Consider the QF game a taste of elite soccer...

Julio said...

Going by points is somewhat an unaccurate way to measure to rankings... as both teams from Group C failed to make it into the semi finals, therefore that should be a testament of how weak group C was... Whilst Group A has two teams in the semi finals, and Sudan beat one of those teams during the round robin play.

Should Greece be ahead of Norway... that is debatable... could pretty much be seen as equals... yet where do you place a Sudanese team that could have been in the Semi finals had they been in a different pool?

Sorry there Hellas United, if you go by points you can boast to be ranked where you are... but is that an accurate ranking... I am going to have to say no to that!

Yet all beaks and chirps aside, well done to Greece as you guys were the cinderalla story of the tournament. You guys were written off from day one and the success you had was much more than anyone expected... I also recall ES barely making it into Braden's top 10 at the beginning of the blogging season... that the loss to the Sudanese was an eye opener of what needed to be done to make a run in this tournament. At the end of the day, rankings don't mean much... it's all about enjoying the tournament for what it is and going out there and playing in a great environment.