Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poland 3, Norway 0 - Recap

It ends again. And again, it sucks. Props to Poland which kept it together and got another gritty win. I said it would come down to a lucky bounce either way and that's what happened.

Norway got the best chance for either team in the first half when Andrew Baulin burst through the middle and fired a low screamer at the Poland keep. The keeper got contact, but the ball took a hard bounce behind him. So hard that it somehow managed to bounce over the crossbar and behind the net. You've got to be lucky to be good and that was lucky.

Poland's first goal came with 11 minutes left in the game when a low shot deflected off of a Norway defender and past the helpless keeper. Two more goals for Poland came in quick succession as Norway tried in vain to push. For two defensive teams, that's how it was going to play out for one side or the other. Good luck to Poland the rest of the way.


Anonymous said...

3-0 is a lucky bounce either way? I get that this is a Norway blog, but at least give credit where credit is due and try to mask your bias a little more. Brutal!

Playmaker said...

So you get that its the Norway blog and I have a Norway bias. But you want me to mask that bias? Even though you're already expecting it to be there? I think if I did that it would make your head explode from trying to figure out what I was actually trying to say.