Sunday, April 10, 2011

Norway 4, Portugal 1 - Recap

Prediction: 4-1 for Norway.

I predicted this one right on the money, but it wasn't nearly as close as I thought it would be. Norway had all of the pressure, way more chances, and generally tried harder. Was pretty boring to watch.

The scoring started off about 12 minutes in when Portugal gave up a free kick at the top of its box. Reis Cooper waited for Portugal to set up the wall, faked a big run-up, but then instead of shooting, passed to Josh Gyurek at the far post, who back-heeled the ball into the net. Five minutes later, another free kick was awarded to Norway in an identical position. Cooper once again ran up to take the kick. This time, instead of waiting for the wall to be set up, he quickly shot the ball into the corner while the defenders were in disarray. 2-0 Norway at the half.

Norway played high pressure to start the second half and two goals came from the strategy right away. First, Grant Wirth forced the Portugal defender to turn over the ball right to the Norway midfield where Cooper collected and ripped a shot into the corner. About a minute later, Jared Ursulan sailed a free kick into the box and David Chisholm ran onto it at the far post and header it in. Dave took a foot to the face on the play, but still scored a beaut. Portugal scored with about 20 seconds left to make the final score 4-1 for Norway.


Anonymous said...

This isnt really on topic but how come all you bloggers are so quick to post on Sudans huge defeat against el salvador but when they lose to columbia you dont post anything? Props to columbia for staying in the running for a place in the second round!


Anonymous said...

would have to agree, shocked that nobody has posted anything about that game.

Anonymous said...

nobody cares about colombia because none of them are colombian except 2 of em, which is named taco