Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ireland vs Laos - Finals Preview

It all comes down to one final game for all the glory. Or all the misery. Such is the final game that the team which doesn't win will be brooding about it the entire year, while to the victor go all the spoils. In 2010 it was Laos which managed the win in penalty kicks and got the prestige for the entire year. Ireland lost and went on a player-recruiting binge that has made them an insanely formidable opponent. Laos has advantages, so does Ireland - we'll see who is the best tonight.

Last year I predicted that Ireland would own Laos and I'm hesitant to say the same thing again. However, it's hard to ignore how Ireland has dominated opponents, with the exception of El Salvador. Laos hasn't lost this tournament, but every time it gets a victory it seems closer than it probably should have been. It's difficult to pick a team for champion when you've already said they didn't deserve to win the tournament opener.

I'm going to have to take Ireland in a game that I hope is closer than I think it will be. I hope its exciting, clean and has plenty of goal-scoring chances for both teams. Ireland will win 4-2.

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